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How to go global with your video content by localizing it

Took place January 2021

In a recent study, 61% of content owners said they have tried more than one method of localizing their video content to break into new territories.

But which method is the most effective when it comes to reaching more people globally?


Join Papercup's resident content creator and Head of Creator Community Margarita Letitchevski to discuss why localization is the only way to go global with your content and what localization methods are suited to each content type. 

During this session we'll be covering:

  • Different methods of increasing the reach of your content
  • Most common methods to localize your videos
  • Why going global with your content is the best way to maximise value from your existing video content

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Margarita Letitchevski

Speaker: Margarita Letitchevski

Head of Creator Community at Papercup